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While there have been Leathernecks MC members in the Western NY area since 2000 the Leathernecks MC Western “Buffalo” NY Chapter was made official on 10 November 2003. We have been through a lot since that time and are very proud of our colors and chapter. Originally, we met at various locations throughout the Buffalo area but eventually found a clubhouse in March of 2005 at the CPO Club on Porter Ave in Buffalo. After many parties there, in August 2007 we decided to sever ties with the CPO and move to the Bett-Toomey clubhouse on Electric Ave in Lackawanna. We had many parties and good times there but decided to move on. We ended up at various locations but we finally decided it was better to find our own clubhouse. We purchased a clubhouse on Buffalo’s East side from the city and began to fix it up. In the spring of 2014 the side and back wall collapsed, crushing the back end of the house, and just like that, we lost our clubhouse. After all that we are still fighting the good fight and plan on being around forever. We will continue to grow and build our reputation in our community and do what we do best. Continue to follow the traditions of the United States Marine Corps and RIDE HARD. 

We look forward to seeing everyone out on the blacktop and other events around Western NY.

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